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Aeris XR2 Dive Computer Console
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Product Description

The Aeris XR2 dive computer is the latest fully functional air/nitrox dive console. It seems that Aeris keeps coming with sophisticated computers that are constantly smaller and packed with more features. Like its older cousins, XR2 comes with oversized digits that are easy to read, intuitive icons and bar graphs. Two operating buttons make it very diver-friendly and easy to operate. This computer comes as a watch, console with two or three gauges, with or without compass and with or without quick disconnect.


• Nitrox, air or Gauge Modes
• PC Downloadable
• Customize the data during a dive by pressing a button
• Backlight
• Manual or water activation
• Timer for the safety stop count-down
• Sound alarm with flashing warning light
• Diver-replaceable batteries
• Remaining Dive Time in minutes
• Oversized Digits
• Nitrox or air
• Nitrox mixture programmable from 21% to 50%.
• Gauge for Extended Range Mode
• AERIS Algorithm for calculating decompression stops
• Grey, yellow and red Color-coded bar graphs.
• Prompt for Automatic Safety Stop as the diver approaches 15 feet. A 3-minute countdown timer counts down to zero.
• Interactive menus
• Time and date Stamp to be able to identify specific dives in the Log or computer memory.
• Standard Aeris diver - friendly Icons
• Graphic User Interface™
• Automatic Compensation for altitude up to 14,000 feet, indicating no-decompression depths and times.
• User-Replaceable Batteries
• Battery Hot Swap™
• 24-Hour Countdown to flying and Calculated Time before Desaturation.
• Indicator of Variable Ascent Rate allows the diver to control his ascent rate via the color-coded bar graphs.
• Ascent Rate is Depth-Dependent
• Backlighting is a storng bluish light that illuminates the whole dial
• 24 Dive Log Book
• Advanced Dive Planning Simulator
• Split Set Mode

What customers say

Most customers found that the Aeris XR2 performed excellently. The most common comment was that it is easy to read even without reading glasses, buttons are easy to use, and had all the functions one would need, but that it is little bulky.

The positive comment was that the Aeris XR2 is quick to program and easy to read, that it is easy to see all of the critical factors from the first screen. Those who opted for the quick disconnect found that it worked perfectly. On the negative side, the diver needs to reprogram the computer when he switches between air and Nitrox, otherwise it will resets to 50

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